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Thought Leader in Safety

The world of tomorrow will be more interconnected than ever before: Automated driving, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and new mobility concepts will all have an increasingly strong influence on our lives. As a global partner for a safe world, we are thinking ahead in terms of these developments. This includes clear guidelines and standards for the interplay between humans and technology. For a future based on safe technology.

Life is getting more and more complex. And more and more automated. DEKRA is committed to laying the foundations for a worry-free, hazard-free life for everyone. Tens of thousands of experts are working to make life safe for people all over the world, whether they are on the roads, at work, or at home. When it comes to safety, we are always thinking ahead and striving to reduce technical risks towards ZERO.

Clean Air

Clean air is essential for life, yet harmful emissions threaten our health every day. The ever stricter exhaust emission limits for the protection of the environment and our posterity are constantly presenting development and test engineers with new challenges. As a "responsible company", DEKRA provides services in all areas of life and offers solutions for the sustainable development of the economy in harmony with the environment.

DEKRA supports the further development of measuring methods and the constant adaptation of limit values. State-of-the-art exhaust emission tests throughout the life cycle of vehicles can detect limit value violations. Since July 2019 experts have been testing the exhaust gas behaviour in the DEKRA Technology Center Klettwitz with two new, additional roller test benches, which has doubled the capacity of the "drives" in the exhaust gas laboratory. DEKRA also positions itself at trade and industrial fairs on the subject of air pollution control and hazardous substances.

DEKRA supports the strengthening of market surveillance and the neutral position of its testers. This includes the possible introduction of road surveillance and the further development of vehicle inspection and tailpipe measurement. DEKRA is always available as a partner for even more intensive cooperation and networking between all institutions entrusted with air pollution control.

Cyber Security

Digitalization is making life smarter, but also provides a target for crime. Therefore, security must be of the utmost importance for every networked part. On the way to zero risks in a digital world DEKRA is positioning itself as a global partner to close security gaps.

DEKRA is continuously expanding its range of accreditations for product safety and mobility in order to be able to guarantee the highest security standards. With its 360° CyberSafety Services, for example, DEKRA offers comprehensive solutions for the protection and security of data, networks, infrastructures and processes. In addition, specialists work in technical committees to establish new data protection standards.

DEKRA supports the political demands of the TIC industry associations regarding the EU Cyber-Security Act. These include certifications involving independent, accredited third parties and a risk-based approach to determining the scope of compliance assessments. DEKRA is always available as a partner for even more intensive cooperation and networking between all institutions entrusted with Cyber Security.

Work Safety

Everyday over 7.000 people around the world die due to work place accidents and illnesses - new approaches are therefore needed to move toward Vision Zero. In this context, industry 4.0 not only makes it possible to relieve the burden on employee using autonomously operating systems, but also improves new demands on working time. This is why DEKRA has set itself the goal of thinking ahead for safe and healthy work places.

DEKRA is very interested in the further development of effective occupational safety management. The standard ISO 45001 is currently the most effective basis for state-of-the-art occupational health and safety in companies. DEKRA is already involved in an innovation partnership with the Fraunhofer Society on achieving safe human-machine cooperation. Moreover, in the EU research project “PETROBOT ” robotised inspection systems from DEKRA are helping to relieve humans, when it comes to performing dangerous inspection work in process industries such as the oil and chemical sectors.

DEKRA's central demand is an open discussion on the effects of technological and social changes such as mobile working. DEKRA is always available as a partner for an even more intensive cooperation and networking of all institutions entrusted with work safety.

Automated Driving

Automated driving can increase safety, but it can also create new traffic situations that can be unsettling. In addition, the question of responsibility in the event of accidents has still not been clarified. Automated driving cannot prevent accidents 100%, but it can create new accident scenarios. DEKRA is therefore thinking ahead in terms of safety in order to reduce the technical risk to almost zero.

DEKRA is very interested in ensuring and developing existing services (main vehicle inspection, emissions testing) and new, innovative services. With the DEKRA Technology Center and the Lausitzring, the company operates Europe's largest independent test centre for automated and networked mobility of the future. Our experts are also in constant dialogue with political decision makers in Berlin and Brussels.

DEKRA's central requirement is secure data transmission as part of the main vehicle inspection as well as unrestricted access for neutral test authorities to safety and environmentally relevant manufacturer and vehicle data. DEKRA is always available as a partner for an even more intensive cooperation and networking of all institutions entrusted with automated driving.

Road Safety

DEKRA's commitment to road safety is its origin. As early as 1925 the founders laid down this association's purpose in its statutes. DEKRA is still committed to making road traffic safer today. The prevention of accidents in traffic is one of three areas of action laid down in DEKRA Vision 2025. There are still around 1.2 million road deaths worldwide every year. The ultimate goal is Vision Zero, road traffic without fatalities and serious injuries.

DEKRA as a company has a great interest in its implementation, as many central DEKRA services are directly related to road safety (main vehicle inspection, homologation / crash tests, driver´s license/assessment center for driving suitability (BfF), accident analysis / accident research). DEKRA has a reputation in this area as a pioneer in road safety. Among other things, this is shown by the response to and appreciation of the Road Safety Report, in which concrete recommendations for action are given annually to politicians, industry and associations. DEKRA is also represented in the daily press at parliamentary evenings at state and federal level and with specialist articles from DEKRA Accident Research.

The DEKRA experts are concerned with today's services, but also as pioneers of the challenges and steps of tomorrow: automated driving, networked mobility of the future. An even more intensive cooperation and networking of all institutions involved in road safety worldwide is desirable. DEKRA is always available as a partner.

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